Production Stills



The film’s interview with Pferron Doss. Doss discovered the story of the Bicycle Corps while studying at the University of Montana. Pferron later taught a course there on the subject and retraced the route with the Black Studies group.


Eric (baseball cap and light colored shirt) and Jeff Westrom interviewing Dr. Bob Brown at Fort Missoula, Montana.


Dr. Bob Brown full of enthusiasm and excitement about the history of the Bicycle Corps.


Director of Photography Jake Kuwana lining up his shot.

Preparing for a scene in historic Silver City, Idaho.

Patrick Daly picking up the sound.

Actor Gavin Sherrod smiling between takes.

Chance Fuerstinger, Tarique Morales, and Gavin Sherrod in action.


Several members of the cast and crew pose for a photo. Pictured – Jake Kuwana, Chance Fuestinger, Eric Westrom, Alan Jones, Sharon Lightning, Seth Randal, and Hyrum Yeakly.

Alan Jones, Hyrum Yeakly, and Leta Harris Neustaedter performing a scene.

Several extras talking before their scene.

Eric, Jake, and Pat preparing a shot.

A quick run through before Alan encounters a couple of towns folk.


The soldiers talk about the days events around the evening camp fire.


Hyrum and Pat look on.

Seth happy with how the shoot is going.

Hyrum, Leta, and Alan

A group photo from our shoot at the Schick-Ostolasa Farmstead.