Following the Lieutenant – Buffalo Soldiers of the Bicycle Corps is a documentary about a group of buffalo soldiers who helped pioneer the use of the bicycle for the U.S. Army. Lieutenant James A. Moss wanted to prove that bicycles could replace horses. Moss designed a trip that would send 20 men through parts of five states – Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Missouri. They crossed the mountains, rivers, and plains. The soldiers traveled 1,900 miles from Fort Missoula, Montana to St. Louis Missouri in the summer of 1897.

It’s a story that’s been overlooked by history. We hope to bring this story back into the spotlight and give these soldiers the recognition that they deserve.

The film is currently in production shooting re-enactment scenes using the diverse landscape and climates of Idaho to double for the actual locations. When filming finishes in September of 2018 post production work will begin.

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