Cast & Crew

Eric Westrom is the director of “FOLLOWING THE LIEUTENANT.”  For over a decade commercials produced by Eric have helped Boise businesses and KTVB news programs attract new clients and viewers.  The Boise Advertising Federation and the Idaho State Broadcasters Association have recognized his work as among the best in Idaho.

Eric grew up in Missoula, Montana. He became an avid cyclist in his 20s and spent several years racing mountain bikes in Idaho. He can sometimes be found roaming Idaho’s trails and remote roads.  His passion for cycling, adventure, and history drew him to the story of The 25th Infantry’s Bicycle Corps.  This is his first documentary.



Jake Kuwana is the director of photography for the re-enactment scenes. Jake had his start in video professionally since 2006 working up to Director of Photography on commercials and lifestyle video content. Jake’s style encompasses the spirit of the outdoors that originated from his small town upbringing in Southeast Idaho. He currently resides in Boise, ID and enjoys collaborating with filmmakers from all over.


Producer Seth Randal has been sharing dramatic, real-life stories for nearly 25 years, starting in television news and continuing as a documentary filmmaker.  He has a passion for weaving facts into compelling stories.

Seth is currently directing, “Workers of Wake,” the emotional true story of a group of 1,200 civilian workers held prisoner during WWII, their families, and the group that kept them all together over seven decades.   His first film, “The Fall of ’55,” is a feature-length documentary about a McCarthy-era gay panic in Boise. Seth has been featured on national media outlets including National Public Radio and The New York Times.




Patrick Daly is working on the film as assistant director, sound man, associate producer…he wears a lot of hats and is a valuable member of our team. Patrick is a graduate of Boise State University in Communication. He worked in television in Boise and works with non-profit organizations creating video stories. Pat is a licensed drone operator and flew recently on a mission trip to Cambodia.


Alan got his first taste of performing, in a 5th grade play, in his birth place of Los Angeles, CA. and continued stage work through high school. It wasn’t until years after his moved to Boise, Idaho in 1987, that Alan rekindled his love for acting. From tidbits of skits and announcing, to voiceovers, videos, commercials and indie movies. He even had a radio show for a while and in the past couple of years, has returned to the stage. Alan spent almost two decades in the Event industry, that gave him massive opportunities of interacting with people, which is a great pool of experience from which to draw ideas and inspiration. Along with being on the Board of Encore Theater Company, Alan also has a passion for Radio Theater and would like to facilitate some locally. “When it comes to film, it’s really cool to watch the process of people do what they do, to see all the components come together; especially, if it tells a great story.


Hyrum Yeakley was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. He was adopted with his younger sister, by Ralph and Charlotte Yeakley, and moved to America to reside with his newly grown family. He has 22 siblings, 11 brothers and 11 sisters. After an unfortunate family event, he later moved in with his brother Rhys and sister-in-law Kate, who encouraged him to follow his dreams and persevere through all of life’s trials. All of this molded him into the person he is today. He loves volunteering to better his local community and working with special needs adults. In his spare time, Hyrum enjoys playing basketball, spending time with his family, traveling, and photography.

Hyrum Yeakley first became interested in film when he moved from Haiti to America in 2002. He began taking acting classes, at the age of 17. He immediately began performing stage shows and musicals, and then moved into film productions, after participating in a 2 year church mission. He has been an actor in multiple short films and documentaries. His most recent films include Brothers and Badges, and I’m Fine. He has also been an actor in 360 training films for the LA Police Department. He is looking forward to participating in future films, and watching the industry grow.



Chance Fuerstinger started acting from a young age, and has performed in a number of local Boise theatre productions, as well as acting with River City Entertainment doing interactive murder mysteries and wild west melodramas. He studies acting under April Matson at Platform Boise, and has done several projects including Blend In, Animal Warmth, and Doctor Who Velocity. He competed in Boise’s Funniest Person 2016, making it to the semi-final round before being eliminated. In 2018, he participated in the Will Act 4 Food as a writer, winning both the Judges’ Choice and Audience Choice Awards for his 10-minute play, The Most Lamentable Love Life of Virginia Wilson. He is currently in pre-production for his short film Here Is Where the Monsters Live.